Lotus Healing Hands

Business philosophy and goals

Lotus Healing Hands

My business philosophy is to heal your body with your mind. Preventive care is essential to your health.

My massage sessions include:

  • Communication with clients to understand their daily routine of work, hobbies, activities and postures etc.
  • Outline the client's problematic areas with aches and pains, bones or joint surgeries etc.  
  • Provide therapeutic massage therapy with the focus of client's needed areas. 
  • Educate clients for routine stretches, fluid intake, posture awareness, healthy diet, and often muscle activations by keep moving the body loosely just like a jelly fish!

All of the above are preventive care to postpone or prevent injuries or surgeries. If we understand the nature of our bodies, treat them like the human beings: Feed them what they need. Care about how they feel. Listen to what they tell you. Then provide them the care on early onsets. After that, we will feel the best of our body every day. Unfortunately, taking care of our bodies need lots of time and hard work. That's why you will look for massage, chiropractor, physical therapy or acupuncture to help. But please remember, you are your own primary care taker. You still need to do a lot of work routinely. Especially, after you have gotten better, routine maintenance is essential. Every body is different, so my massage therapy techniques are varied at each tiem for each person. 

My business goals -- I like to help people with the best of my knowledge and skills to prevent injury, to recovery their bodies and stay in comfort, to continue their normal activities and get back to their normal lives. I like to focus on client's problems and heal them as fast as I can. So, I can continue to help more people. Body's health maintenance education is my other focus too. So, they can do a better job at home to maintain their comfort. Observation is very important. Tell clients what I see, what I think and what I discover. Talk about plans to take care of their own bodies and ways to learn about themselves. I am trying to achieve my goal every day to help clients in long term care ideas and most effective ways to heal. Wish everyone healthy and happy.